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Understanding Divorce Mediation

By Karen Stewart

Understanding Divorce Mediation

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a legal option across Canada for drafting and filing a divorce agreement without paying for an expensive legal battle. You and your ex will sit down with a trained mediator to resolve all aspects of your divorce, from child custody to the division of property. While this process can work well for couples who still have good communication, it can be quite limiting. At Fairway Divorce Solutions, we offer a better solution. Our resolution experts draw from not only standard mediation techniques, but also a variety of negotiation tools. Here is what you should know.

Why Divorce Resolution?

Our proven, step by step divorce resolution process uses a team of experts from multiple fields including mediation, negotiation, and even finance. Our process helps even the most combative couples come to a fair and equitable divorce agreement. You might need several sessions to hammer out your agreement, but it will be faster, cheaper, and more flexible than the courts, and more likely to reach a fair agreement than through simple mediation.

Couple at Divorce Mediation

Divorce Resolution Success

Divorce resolution is incredibly valuable because it works. Our skilled divorce resolution experts recognize that you and your spouse are far more familiar with the details of your own lives and those of your kids than any judge could be. They will help you find the places where you agree and use those to build bridges between you that will help you navigate more passionate topics. No matter how acrimonious you and your ex are, it is worth giving divorce resolution a try.

Divorce Resolution Costs

We charge only for our resolution experts’ time. You might choose to split the bill equally with your ex, or the spouse with a higher income may pay proportionally more. It is not a good idea for one spouse to foot the whole bill, as both parties need a financial incentive to settle as quickly as possible. If you were to battle things out in the court system, both parties would have to pay thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees. Learn what to expect with divorce mediation and why couples are choosing mediation to negotiate all issues.

Is Divorce Resolution Ever Inappropriate?

There is really no reason not to try divorce resolution since it is far less expensive than a court battle. Even if there has been domestic abuse, our professional resolution experts are skilled at ensuring that neither party is coerced into agreeing to unfair terms. Even if your relationship with your ex is extremely toxic, and you have trouble spending time in the same room, our step by step process can help you work toward common ground.

Some people are reluctant to try divorce resolution because they believe they have an open and shut court case. But keep in mind that family law is not black and white, and your spouse’s lawyer’s job is to brilliantly turn even simple issues into sticky ethical dilemmas. The only way to guarantee that you get what you want is to negotiate for it in our resolution process.

If divorce resolution does not work out, as is the case for a tiny fraction of divorcing couples, you can deal with going to court then, knowing that you did everything you could to avoid the process. Just remember that your bill can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars if you end up in court.

About Fairway Divorce

Fairway Divorce Solutions is Canada’s leading national divorce resolution company. With its prestigious panel of resolution experts (mediators and negotiators), Fairway specializes in settling issues using negotiation, mediation, financial, and legal skills to assist with simple to complex family disputes. If you are ready to get started with a caring and skilled team, please call your local office today to schedule a no-cost consultation.