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What are Grounds for Divorce in Canada?

In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce: separation, adultery, and cruelty. In order to receive a court application for divorce, it is required that you identify the ground on which you are seeking divorce.

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Mediation vs. Litigation – Resolving Matrimonial and Family Business Issues

Litigation and mediation are two different ways of settling disputes or conflicts. Before choosing the best option for you, it is a good idea to understand the differences. In this article, we will review the main steps of each as well as the pros and cons. Also, learn why mediation is the best way to resolve divorce conflict.

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High Conflict Divorce Mediation

High Conflict Divorces and Mediation

Just because you may be a high conflict divorce, does not mean you must turn to litigation and fighting it out with lawyers. There are better mediation alternatives like Fairway Divorce, that are focused on reducing time, money and stress, and to achieve resolution for those who are who are higher conflict.

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Litigation and Mediation – What’s the Difference?

There are many options for getting a divorce; collaborative law, litigation, arbitration, mediation. Here you learn the difference between mediation and litigation. The bottom line is that before you decide which direction you want to take, make sure you understand the outcomes. Judges are limited with time and resources to dig deep as you may hope.

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Buying or Selling a Home

Three “Watch-outs” When Selling Your Matrimonial Home Prior to Your Divorce

Divorce is Difficult and often means you have to make many choices reasonably quickly. Selling or Buying a house is a big decision and so learn what to watch out for when deciding.

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Mediation vs Litigation and Abundance

Getting Divorced? Coming from the place of Scarcity vs Abundance has more impact on your resolution then you might think. How costly, stressful and how many months or years associated with your separation is a result of not only the way you chose to resolve your issues but also your state of mind.

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Divorce Mediation moves you forward – Litigation Holds you back

Read real stories contrasting the impact of Divorce Mediation vs Litigation and the resulting ugly lost of childhood.

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