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Second-most Cheater Friendly City in Canada

By Karen Stewart

Saskatoon is the second-most cheater friendly city in Canada?

Saskatoon Saskatchewan RiverThe highly controversial dating website Ashley Madison has put out their per capita numbers for their site and apparently, Saskatoon ranks in at number 2 of the cheater-friendly cities of Canada. is a site that encourages adultery through online dating and is apparently making a big splash in the western Canadian market.

I am sure that Canadian viewers were a bit dumbfounded by these numbers being that Saskatoon is known as a wholesome, conservative small city. Who knew that the community was up to what some would consider socially deviant behaviour? As this came as such a shock I had to ask myself… why?

The answer came very clearly after speaking to Sharon Fertuck with Fairway Divorce Solutions in Saskatoon, whose own husband has worked out of town in the mines for 20 years. “When your significant other spends weeks and sometimes even months away from home, it can put a strain on any marriage. I was one of the lucky ones to avoid that situation and now my husband works locally which is a big relief for the family”, Sharon comments.

After speaking to Sharon the pieces fell together that yes, Saskatoon is a mining city, and is becoming more highly involved in the Oil & Gas industry. This leaves many couples separated for weeks at a time which can put a strain on any relationship. I know the old saying goes “distance makes the heart grow stronger” but I am more confident suggesting that “distance makes the heart wonder”. With that much time apart it is only a matter of time before is in your browser history.

Saskatoon has also witnessed an increase in wealth in the last few years which could absolutely cause some insecurities in a marriage. “More money, more problems” as they say. With all the economic growth and positive things happening in the Saskatoon area, the messy tends to follow. If you find yourself becoming a victim to reaping havoc in your relationship and there is no chance for reconciliation, Fairway can reduce your stress by working with you independently of your spouse. Fairway does not promote divorce, but they do promote a fair approach that causes less stress and destructive behaviour throughout the process.