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Relationship Agreements in Difficult Times

By Karen Stewart

Estranged ManThe stress in our lives is normally palpable even in good times. This is because life is tough, no matter how you slice it. Even if you are in a fair financial position, the stresses of a strained relationship can make relationship agreements a necessity.

When it comes to stressed and troubled relationships, a relationship agreement can do wonders. Sticking it out through a challenging emotional situation can seem like a disaster in the making. That leaves the question of whether or not to stick it out or pull the plug.

Relationship Agreements Help

Estranged Women If the decision has been made to move forward with the separation, look into relationship agreements. These help to outline the parameters that can create a successful relationship structure. Even in the face of divorce, relationship agreements can help keep both parties working amicably.

Especially if there are children involved, having a clearly defined relationship agreement in place can help to set important guidelines. Maybe it sets clear definitions for how each parent is to behave in certain situations.

Perhaps a relationship agreement that defines who has access to the children on what dates and times. This can help keep tempers at bay and prevent any additional unwanted fights from coming to the forefront.

Parenting Marriage

A relationship agreement may lead to something known as a parenting marriage. This is a clearly defined set of guidelines that helps bring structure in tough times. It can also act as a much-needed pause button in the toughest of times.

With a parenting marriage agreement, it can keep the seams together even when it seems like they may be falling apart rapidly. Even if it can’t save the relationship as a whole, these relationship agreements can help create defined strategies that are best for the children and the family as a whole.

If you find yourself ready to pull the plug on the marriage but can’t take that final leap, consider a relationship agreement. It might not solve every single issue in the marriage, but it will create a level of structure that can leave the family functioning on a somewhat regular basis.