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Pet Custody – A new Trend for Couples Divorcing who are Pet Lovers

By Karen Stewart

For those non-pet lovers, the concept of fighting over beloved pets is hard to fathom. Yet for families facing a divorce, the decision about what to do with their furry pal can be just as hard. Determining pet custody can be just as difficult as any of the other decisions that loom ahead.


Divorce rates continue to increase in different parts of North America. There is an increasing number of articles addressing fighting over the “custody” of pets such as the latest article in Jacksonville. In some States/Provinces, there are even precedent-setting cases about how to handle pets if the parties cannot agree on their own terms. Of course, coming up with a decision over the coffee table is the cheapest and easiest way. For some couples, however, they need a bit more assistance.

In this case, mediation makes a lot of sense as using the legal system is adversarial and expensive and certainly does not set the stage for future co-parenting of kids or pets. Focus on finding creative ways to share/split your pet(s) that is fair and in everyone’s best interest. Approaching your discussions and decisions in this way will also help overall in making this life-changing event just a little bit easier.

This is a mindset that should be applied to any divorce, regardless of children or pets. It can make the entire process a bit easier to handle. Any less fighting that is done, the better the proceedings will go in the end.

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