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Married for the Weekend

Have we gone too far with new reality shows like Married for the Weekend? Maybe this mockery of marriage has gone one step too far.

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Phil Hoffman

Addictions Destroy Marriages and Lives

Addictions can destroy relationships and sometimes result in abrupt endings to life like that of Seymour Hoffman. Some marriages, unfortunately, suffer the consequences of addictions that are out of control.

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Smiling Man

Getting your Finances Back on Track after divorce

Get suggestions about how to get your finances back in the fold after a divorce; including what you have, keeping yourself up to date and planning ahead.

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Man Whispering

To Trust or Not to Trust?

Relationships end every day due to broken trust. Loving unconditionally means being completely vulnerable and that means you can get hurt – but what is the alternative?

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Supporting Friends

Supporting Friends and Family through Divorce – What you need to know!

There is no question that for those who are trying to help their loved ones through divorce — your words matter a lot. That brings with it a huge responsibility and sometimes a burden you did not sign up for.

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Happy Mom and Daughter

Coping with Divorce

Divorce is not in itself Bad. Learn how to cope and embrace the lessons of divorce so that you can focus on less fighting, financial loss and preventing the children from suffering.

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Mother Gets Child Ready for School

Making the Grade: The Juggle Between Homes

Back to school is a busy time of year. Add the challenges of separated parents and the juggling of homes and calendars; consider these tips to help your children if you are divorced or recently separated.

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Man Sitting in Shopping Mall

Accepting that a Marriage is over is hard

With the ending of the summer holidays may also bring the realization that your marriage has ended. Acceptance of the ending will actually set you on the right path.

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Boy Getting Haircut

Back To School

Tips and Guidance on getting kids ready for back to school when you have the added challenges that go along with Co-parenting and blended families.

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Pet Custody – A new Trend for Couples Divorcing who are Pet Lovers

The decision of what to do with pets for families facing divorce can be as hard as many of the other difficult decisions that have to be made. Here is an introduction to the Huffington Post Article where you can find more details.

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Baby with Lemon

Your Mother was Right: Play Nice!

The deep insult so many divorcing people feel is exceedingly hard to ignore… Play nice you say? Not me! On the contrary, playing mean has a much more attractive aroma. Surely revenge will taste sweeter.

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Calgary Flood

Calgary Stampede and the Floods

The floods hurt Calgary but we did not let it kill our spirit. Divorce rates increase after the Stampede but perhaps this year some will avoid the hardship of a marriage breakdown and embrace the lessons of the flood.

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Calgary Stampede

Helpful Hints to Remember when Stampeding

Whether single or married, Stampede gives us an opportunity to have fun. Get helpful tips on how to enjoy Stampede but not destroy your marriage at the same time.

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Man at Laptop

Your Finances & Divorce

There are two things in Divorce, Money and Kids. Emotions can play havoc with decisions around finances and parenting, but experience shows that dealing with money first yields the best results for both your finances and kids.

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Man on Bus

Are there really 50 ways to leave your lover?

Paul Simon’s girlfriend told him there must be 50 ways to leave your lover. In this day and age, avoiding the lengthy and costly process of fighting with lawyers is one way you should avoid.

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