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Calgary Stampede

Stampeding Responsibly with a Few Helpful Hints

Whether single or married, Stampede gives us an opportunity to have fun. Get helpful tips on how to enjoy Stampede but not destroy your marriage at the same time.

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Little Boy and Girl with their Backpacks

Divorced with Children: What To Do During Summer Break

Learn some very practical tips for planning for a successful summer break for your kids when you are divorced and dealing with the added challenges that give rise to managing camps etc. Learn some fun things to do in Edmonton, Alberta and other locations.

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Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

If you are recently divorced and don’t know how to handle Father’s Day, here are a few helpful tips to follow.

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father daughter hugging

The Benefits of Family Mediation

The benefits of family mediation are many. Instead of going through the expensive process of traditional family divorce, consider the benefits of mediation.

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7 Days in a Week

Children and Divorce: Stop Cutting Weeks in Half

Co-Parenting can be challenging but the children’s schedules need to be about them and not about cutting 50-50. There are 7 days in the week and so sometimes fair is not exactly equal.

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Black and white image of a caucasian woman sitting in bed next to a window looking somber

8 Warning Signs of Divorce

There are warning signs of divorce in every case. What are the most common? Here are 8 signs that you should be aware of.

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Christie Moser

Divorce Mediation: Protecting Generations

Divorce has become a negative connotation because families are being split up in the ugliest ways. But what if there were a better way? What if couples could split in a more amicable way, keeping family units intact on the other side? That is the promise that divorce mediation is offering for generations to come.

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Mothers Day Gift

Happy Mother’s Day: Divorce and Honouring my Ex!

Mother’s Day should be spent with Mom and Father’s Day should be spent with Dad. Here are some practical tips on how to reduce the stress around scheduling when the parents are separated or divorced.

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caucasion woman outside raising her arms in the air with a slight smile on your face

6 Tips to Survive Emotionally in Divorce

Believe it or not, some divorces end amicably, and couples move on, and some even remain friends. Surviving emotionally in a divorce can be done if you ask yourself the right questions and take the right steps. Learn the tips to get through your divorce amicably.

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B&W image of a caucasian women in her 40's smiling and playing with her dog

Make Valentine’s Day about Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic dinners with a significant other. Valentine’s day can be simply about having gratitude and sharing a thank you with those you care about.

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Colette Fortin

Colette Fortin Discusses Money Problems in Relationships on Money Matters

In any relationship, there is a balance of power. For some relationships, that power can become imbalanced when one party controls finances or financial decisions. One of the major reasons for strife in relationships and divorce is because of a lack of control or power from one part. In this Rogers TV interview, Colette discusses all of the factors in which money problems in relationships can come into effect.

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B&W image of a 30 something year old caucasian male sitting on the floor with a laptop on his knee

Useful Divorce Related Links – Alberta

Here are a few helpful divorce related links that can provide insight and information for all stages of a separation if you live in Alberta.

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caucasian woman resting on her arms looking in the distance

Why Separations Happen Early in the New Year

Ms. Fortin’s radio interview sheds light on why couples want to put emotions aside and wait until after the holiday season to separate or file for divorce.

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Black and white image of an older caucasian gentlemen with a beard sitting on a pier

What are Grounds for Divorce in Canada?

In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce: separation, adultery, and cruelty. In order to receive a court application for divorce, it is required that you identify the ground on which you are seeking divorce.

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An interracial couple smiling and sitting next to a window

Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce

Years of prioritizing work, paying bills, and keeping up with the Joneses can inflict severe damage to a marriage. Learn some ways to avoid divorce and build a healthy marriage.

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