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Living Common Law in BC: The New Family Law Act Spells Big Changes

The law is changing quite dramatically for common law couples. The new law says that once common-law couples have lived together for two years in a “marriage-like relationship” they will have an automatic half interest in all property accumulated during the relationship, as well as in the increase in the value of all property brought into the relationship.

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The New Family Law Act in British Columbia

The Family Law Act act will put British Columbia at the forefront of the rest of Canada in terms of up-to-date, progressive family law. The family mediation community in the province applaud this new act for many reasons including placing emphasis on mediation over litigation. The new act gives equal emphasis to agreements and court orders and encourages families to use divorce mediators.

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New Family Law Act in BC – Leads the Pack in Canada

Bill 16 of the Family Law Act has been passed! It was a sign that the traditional divorce system needed reform. The new act addresses some of the fundamental problems in the system and we look optimistically to the impact it has on divorce with children and families in general.

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The Honest Going Rate for a Divorce

The Canadian Lawyer Magazine published an article each year called the “Going Rate” on what lawyers charge for divorce and separation. The challenge with these statistics, is that they are voluntary, meaning that they are likely skewed down as lawyers are hesitant to be honest about the fees, as they can be very high. Thousands of couples are spending way more than this survey quotes. Buyer beware.

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Family Mediation Companies in Canada

Our list of the top family mediation companies in Canada is updated frequently and is a great place to start if you are looking to settle a family dispute. Fairway is a advocate of family mediation services and specializes in divorce and co-parenting as well as business, eldercare and succession mediation.

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DIY Divorce Companies

Do it Yourself (DIY) divorce kits are popping up everywhere in Canada. Divorce laws vary from province to province, and many online divorce companies are now catering to couples in their location. Although a divorce kit can save you money, they may not hold up in court when you try and file. Here you will find DIY Divorce Companies that do a great job with uncontested divorces.

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