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New Family Law Act in BC – Leads the Pack in Canada

By Karen Stewart

The fact that Bill 16, Family Law Act has been passed is a sign that the traditional system needed reform. The new act addresses some of the fundamental problems in the system and we look optimistically to the impact it has on divorce with children and families in general. I do not think anyone can argue or dispute the massive amount of destruction to assets and children that have occurred in our adversarial system. The courts have been needlessly backlogged with mindless arguments and position bargaining about issues that simply do not belong in front of our Judges.

Books and GavelCouples using our expensive courtroom resources to fight their personal battles has to come to an end. This is a step in the right direction. The new Act steers couples towards divorce mediation, which is obviously music to Fairway Divorce Solutions’ ears but more importantly, it is clearly in the best interest of children and their parents and it will also save a ton of wasted taxpayers money at the same time. The unfortunate reality of our system is that those who really need a Judge’s intervention often do not get heard “in time”. We do not need to look much past our front pages of the newspaper to read of the tragedy of families that were “lost” in our system.

I personally admire the BC attorney general for the initiative and I look forward to other provinces getting on board. If we can save one child from the tragic outcome created because of our system and if we can start to empower children of divorce to move through their parent’s divorce without emotional harm — then we can start to change the way divorce happens. The new Act focuses primarily on the well being of the children and I am hopeful that this agenda will create greater accountability within the system as it is long overdue.