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Love Is Made Not Found

By Karen Stewart

Valentines Dinner Couple Eating

Divorce and Valentine’s Day

A recent article quoting basic divorce statistics suggested that the filing of divorce papers increases around Valentine’s Day. This is due to people starting to question their relationships and the true meaning of love. I suppose that the thought of a romantic dinner with someone who you no longer want to share time with might be the trigger to take that dreaded next step. The article also refers to the increase in security company business, as suspicious partners endeavour to find out if there is another love interest involved. How sad is this?

Yes, life after divorce can be good, and for many, there just didn’t seem that there was any other option.

After being in the divorce business for many years, I can tell you first hand that many just give up too soon. The grass is not always greener on the other side. In fact, the grass will have lots of weeds — perhaps just a different kind. So unless things are really bad and you have done everything to save your marriage, including counselling, then this Valentine’s Day consider that your marriage just might be worth fighting for.

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