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Summer Vacation with Financial Challenges

By Karen Stewart

Summer Vacation can be Financially Difficult

Mom and daughter summer vacationWith summer in full swing, there are difficulties felt by divorced families and single parents. Summer vacation is here for the kids and planning a summer vacation for the family can be stressful. This can be even more stressful than the daily routine that the school year brings.

Summer vacation can be difficult on the ol’ checkbook. For those who are divorced, having the kids with you is great, but you have half the money to finance the trip. This presents a challenge for day-to-day living, let alone vacation planning.

Summer vacation should be the highlight of the summer, if not the entire year. It is a time to get away from the rigors that daily life has to offer. Being able to escape to the lake, the mountains, or any destination is important. Families and friends enjoy getting away from the day-to-day and enjoying one another’s company.

Pocket Book Challenges After a Divorce

The unfortunate thing is that these trips can mean spending money that just isn’t there. No parent wants to be the one to deny their children a summer holiday. Moreover, this means that they often go into debt to meet those accommodations.

The last thing that you want to do is raise your credit card balances, paying more interest, just to finance the vacation in the first place. To combat this, you can try ramping down expectations a bit. Maybe ditch the four- and five-star hotels in favor of a place that creates real experiences.

The goal is to be smart about financing these trips and to not dig yourself into debt just to keep a tradition alive. There are alternative methods to be had that can create a great experience for all and keep your checkbook in good standing. You can read more in the full blog over on Huffington Post.