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Investing in a Fairway Divorce Mediation Franchise

By Ryan Womeldorf

Mediation Franchise OpportunityIf you have been looking for a new business venture, look no further than a Fairway Divorce mediation franchise. The divorce rates, both in Canada and globally, continue to climb. That means there is a need now more than ever for quality divorce mediation services.

And that is precisely what a Fairway Divorce franchise provides. Our Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR) system puts a focus on divorce mediation as opposed to expensive legal battles where both sides are left emotionally and financially damaged.

Maybe you are on the fence about whether or not purchasing a franchise is a good idea. Here are more than a few reasons why investing in a mediation franchise can not only be a great financial idea but a complete life change.

Fairway Divorce Franchises Mean a Lifestyle Change

No matter what your current profession, a switch to a Fairway Divorce franchise and the mediation services that we offer can be a complete lifestyle change. After all, we all want to be our own boss, and that is exactly what this opportunity offers.

There are so many freedoms provided by the franchising experience, and it means getting in a growing, viable business. Those types of investments don’t come along every day, and it can mean a complete change to your life.

Be the Divorce Mediation Franchise Owner You Want to Be

Do you know what is great about becoming a Fairway franchise owner? It is that you don’t have to conform to fit any kind of system. You can be the type of franchise owner that you feel will suit both your lifestyle and business best.

Couple Divorce Mediation CounselingFor instance, you can be an owner-operator that gets involved in the divorce mediation process while also working to grow the business. Create a wealth development opportunity while still being involved in the front lines.

After all, some franchise owners still want to be involved in the divorce mediation process. They enjoy helping couples come to an amicable, successful resolution.

There are also those looking to build just the business. They understand that divorce mediation is left to the professionals. They have what it takes to grow and develop the business. The tools are there for successful franchising – marketing and infrastructure in particular – but it is up to the franchise owner to take it to the next level.

Divorce Mediation Franchise Owners Make Their Hours

Attractive Business Women holding CoffeeWhile this certainly doesn’t mean that you can show up one day a week, it also means not having to put in a major workload, either. As the franchise owner, you can decide your schedule. If your schedule doesn’t work for nights or weekends, you don’t have to do that. This is the beauty of being the franchise owner.

Owning a Fairway Divorce franchise can mean a better financial opportunity. It is a chance to grow your personal life, as well. Getting valuable family time or developing new hobbies are just some of the possibilities.

Do What You Love and Leave the Rest to Fairway

Becoming a Fairway franchise owner means that you can do what you love: helping people and creating a valuable, successful business. How you do this is up to you. Taking a more hands-on approach is completely normal; people like helping people.

Fairway Divorce Solutions Red Coffee MugBut you can put in the work, do what you love, and let the franchise brand do the work for you. It is a franchise experience like no other. It allows those seeking financial growth to invest in a growing brand at a lesser expense than other divorce franchise.

Are you considering a Fairway Divorce franchise? Check out our franchising page for more information. You can also fill out one of our contact forms to discuss potential franchising possibilities. Take your first step towards owning a Fairway Divorce franchise today!