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Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchise Featured in Globe and Mail

By Karen Stewart

The Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise continues to establish its process as the primary alternative to traditional divorce services. Instead of long, drawn-out legal battles, we put the focus on the INR process. Instead of being in financially messy court battles, couples want an alternative. They want a mediation process that will provide fair, unbiased results to both sides.

One of Fairway Divorce Solutions franchise was recently featured in the Globe and Mail. Their piece, “Sweat and Equity, Franchises on the rise among Canadian investors,” delves further into the Fairway Franchise process.

The Growth of Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchise Opportunities

Franchising began a few years ago with Ken Whyte and his wife, Collette Fortin. They purchased a Fairway Divorce Solution franchise just a few years ago. Their goal? Build a business and find an alternative way to earn money for retirement.

From the article about Fairway Divorce Solutions Franchises:

Instead of relying solely on a workplace pension, or putting all of their savings in stocks, bonds or real estate, the couple is building wealth through the sweat equity they put into the business.

Call it active investing, to the extreme.

“It was a deliberate investment strategy,” Mr. Whyte says of their decision to buy the dispute-resolution franchise in 2010. “It’s different than just accumulating money in your pension fund and retiring. You’re building something you’re going to live and breathe for a while.”

Businesses that franchise their operations can potentially benefit from ongoing royalty payments well into retirement, while franchisees such as Mr. Whyte and Ms. Fortin can build a company based on a proven business model.

Fairway Divorce continues to grow not only as a viable franchising option, but one that could provide wealth development opportunity. Moreover, it is an industry that continues to grow in demand.

Learn More About Franchise Opportunities

If you want to learn more about franchise opportunities, reach out to Travis Tinning at (403) 975-6229. He is the head of the Fairway Divorce Franchise Team and can provide all of the necessary information. Investing in a Fairway Divorce Solution franchise is a smart way to grow your wealth and invest in a unique, growing brand.