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By Ryan Womeldorf

Petition for DivorceDivorce in Canada does not have to be the difficult, grueling process that we know it to be. There are many avenues for getting a divorce, making it possible regardless of your knowledge of Canadian divorce law. With Canadian divorce services like a do-it-yourself divorce kit, you can take most of the steps to get through your divorce. That means beginning your new life. It may seem like something that is not possible, but online DIY divorce is  becoming more of a trend in Canadian divorces.

Traditional divorce proceedings are difficult to say the least. We have all heard the horror stories about expensive divorce litigation, both sides paying exorbitant costs to argue bitterly and haggle over the smallest of details.

DIY Divorce Kits

With the ability to go through online DIY divorce in Canada, the entire process has changed. Eliminate the nastiness and the problems of haggling over property. Begin the process from home instead.

The good thing is that there are a lot of options now available for online DIY divorce. That means the entire divorce process is smoother and simpler. It also for both parties to move forward as peacefully and painlessly as possible.

Online DIY Divorce Resources

In Canada, beginning the process of online DIY divorce proceedings can vary based on who you use. It is imperative to find the best online divorce options possible. With the wrong service, the process can be just as muddled and difficult. There are three websites in particular that stand above the rest. They make it a process that can go from extremely painful to painless in no time.

Untie the Knot Uncontested Divorce


Online Divorce Canada


Another online DIY divorce websites in Canada, there are packages for both contested and uncontested divorces. Online Divorce work based on your specific needs, wants, and goals. You can get the kind of dedicated service that your specific situation requires.

The contested divorce done offline is both inconvenient and expensive. Even worse, it requires attorney representation. That often comes with escalating expenses. This is the “traditional” way to go and leads to more anger and fighting. With OnlineDivorce.com’s online services, the process can be fully-guided, affordable, and fast. Best of all, you get reliable and experienced online divorce services.  Experts use top-notch technology to deliver fast and trustworthy service.

Documents can be completed at your own pace, provided with the easiest access, and specific filing instructions. There are no questions about what needs to be filed and when, making it easier than ever to file.

Online Divorce Canada


Last but not least, is Complete Case. Continuing the do-it-yourself theme, there are just three simple steps. No costly lawyers, little to no fighting, and no wondering how co-parenting will work out. Just get the answers that you need.

The first step is to choose your location and review the information that is needed. This will make it easier for the team to know the specific laws in your area. This allows their team of professionals to provide the accurate care that your case needs.

The second step is to provide the details of your case. These details allow the team to provide legal citations and answers to your questions. Best of all, you can complete the necessary forms at your own leisure. If you need to, you can even save your place as you go so that you can pick it up next time.

Lastly, you just need to print your forms and file them. You can make changes and reprint wherever necessary and Complete Case also offers unlimited phone and email support. In most cases, you can file without ever having to appear in court.

Online Divorce Canada

Save yourself from the traditional divorce process. Avoid the nastiness that litigation and arbitration can bring and save yourself a whole lot of money by doing everything online. It will save you time, money, and sanity as you get the divorce that you need to begin your life anew.

Online DIY Divorce Kits Online

Thankfully, there are DIY divorce services available based in each province. Finding the right service to fit your needs and in your area has never been easier. Begin the process of getting a divorce so that you can move on with your life.

Keep in mind that these are resources for do-it-yourself uncontested divorces. If your spouse is contesting the process, avoiding court is not a possibility. That makes the process can become much more difficult.

Online Divorce Canada

British Columbia

Family Law in British Columbia is your best resource for do-it-yourself uncontested divorces. Finding the right guide is key. In British Columbia, a divorce is obtained by getting a divorce order from a judge at the Supreme Court of BC.

With an uncontested divorce, you can do all of the filing without needing to appear in court. There will be forms to fill out and fees to pay, but this can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

The process of getting an online divorce can be simple if there are a things handled first. You and your spouse have to have settled any separation issues. The second is that your paperwork is order. And thirdly is that you have shown reasonable agreements for both parenting and child support.

Family Law can help you through the filing process. They do this by providing the resources that you need and the answers to all of your questions.

There is also the BC court online tool through the department of justice.  This tool makes it easier to fill out the forms that you are required to fill out. Even better, it makes printing out your completed forms a breeze.

Online Divorce Canada


For residents of Alberta, Canadian Legal has been providing help for uncontested divorces for years. They can answer all of your questions, from qualifying to filing. The process of an uncontested divorce is easier than ever when using their services.

Best of all, they lay out the benefits of filing your divorce online. They even offer a free consultation so that you can get the proper information before even taking the first step towards filing.


Going through a do-it-yourself divorce process can seem have benefits, but it requires help. With the right divorce kit, you can handle the entire divorce on your own. That means avoiding expensive lawyers and ugly divorce proceedings.

Online Divorce Canada


Saskatchewan’s website offers a list of do-it-yourself divorce kits that are available through the Saskatchewan courts. Having the right resources can go a long way towards making the process easier to navigate.

There are plenty of services that will guide you through the process of an uncontested divorce. But having the resources to educate yourself on separation and divorce can be just as helpful.

Using FamilyLaw.org, you can educate yourself on the separation and divorce laws in Saskatchewan. Even if you don’t plan to go through the entire process on your own, having this learning tool can be very helpful.

Online Divorce Canada


Not all of us are familiar with the process of filing for divorce. This FAQ from the Manitoba court includes information on filing so that you can go through the process on your own. Having the right resources can be the first step towards a successful divorce.

LiveLearn.ca provides a presentation from the Community Legal Education Association on Separation and Divorce in Manitoba. This is an informative resource that answers questions about many topics. That includes the differences between separation and divorce, parenting, housing, and so much more.

Live Learn also provides resources for both men and women going through divorce. If you plan to make it a do-it-yourself uncontested divorce, having all of the right information is a great place to start.

Online Divorce Canada


Through the province’s very own website, you can find all of the proper documents needed to file divorce. This includes an online application with a complete walk through on what you can file for, what you need, and where to get the proper help before filing.

Steps to Justice will simplify and explain the process for you. No matter your level of legal expertise, they will provide you the information to go through the process of divorce. With step-by-step information, you can be certain that you are doing things right. Don’t miss out on an important deadline or document because you weren’t aware of what was necessary.

Online Divorce Canada

New Brunswick

The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick Family Law is the resource for uncontested divorce in New Brunswick. Not only does it answer general questions about family law, there is information for immigrants to Canada as well.

Even better, you can download a PDF guide for free to help you through the steps for filing your own divorce. With an FAQ also available, you can answer all of the questions you have related to your divorce. That makes it easier to get an uncontested divorce.

The New Brunswick courts also a do-it-yourself guide for uncontested divorces. This is a physical handbook that they will mail to you, showing you how to complete and file the forms needed. Having that physical resource is valuable to have on hand.

Online Divorce Canada

Nova Scotia

NS Family Law is your comprehensive guide for filing uncontested divorce in Nova Scotia. Resources can also offer guidance on reconciliation, proving the marital breakdown, applications, and so much more.

If you are located in Nova Scotia and don’t know where to begin with your divorce proceedings, this is the place to start. With the right tools, uncontested divorce can be a far smoother process than you ever imagined.

Online Divorce Canada



The province website itself offers an uncontested divorce kit. In order to get this kit, the division of property has to be completed and the cost of the kit is just $50. If you and your spouse have been separated for a year and one of you have been living in PEI for at least a year (and those assets have been divided), you can begin with the kit.

This uncontested divorce kit makes filing for divorce in PEI simpler. They can even refer you to a lawyer if that is something that you determine is necessary.

Online Divorce Canada




Public Legal Information, which is an association of Newfoundland, offers a PDF guide for uncontested divorce in that province. This 30-page guide walks you through individual applications, joint application, and all the necessary steps for filing.

Best of all, the guide also tells you what you need in order to even begin the process. That can save a lot of time and trouble when it comes to filing an uncontested divorce.