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Calgary Stampede and the Floods

By Karen Stewart

As we continue celebrating Stampede, this year we enter these days of celebration and fun feeling a little more humble than last year. Calgary is such a great city and for those who are fortunate enough to live in it, we know that this year is bittersweet.

Calgary FloodMany families have lost so much in the floods and so the last thing on their minds is a stampede party. We know that divorce rates increase each year after Stampede and this year that trend may be a bit different. For many, these last few weeks of devastation have also brought the gift of gratitude for what they do have. In times of crisis, we tend to reflect and hold tight those people and things that matter to us. In every crisis or state of chaos, there are lessons to be learned and reasons for gratitude. Each person affected by the flood will find those lessons and reasons for gratitude in different ways and at different times.

But for some, who may have partied hard last year and perhaps broken a few rules, this year’s stampede may be met with a more humble heart. Perhaps fewer relationships will end because, for them, they have been reminded of the value of family and not taking things for granted.

Perhaps this could be one of the gifts and lessons of the flood.