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High Conflict Divorce Mediation

High Conflict Divorces and Mediation

Just because you may be a high conflict divorce, does not mean you must turn to litigation and fighting it out with lawyers. There are better mediation alternatives like Fairway Divorce, that are focused on reducing time, money and stress, and to achieve resolution for those who are who are higher conflict.

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How to Tell Children About Separation

Learn some practical loving ways to tell your children their parents are separating.

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Canadian Business Chicks with Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart’s Canadian Business Chicks Women of Inspiration Nomination

Karen is nominated as an Advocate and Catalyst for Change by Canadian Business Chicks. Watch and read Karen share her story about challenging that status quo in the divorce and financial industry so to be part of a profound change.

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Karen Stewart founder Fairway Divorce on Stairs

Seniors & Relationships: Karen Stewart Founder and CEO is interviewed on Global News

Karen Stewart discusses the significance of relationships for ageing individuals. Get a unique insight into how Seniors are impacted by changing relationships and the increasing number of divorces for ageing couples.

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660 News Calgary

660 News interviews Karen Stewart about Taxes and Divorce

There are significant tax issues that should be considered when getting divorced. Learn some of the tax areas to be aware of.

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Gavel and Heart

When it comes to breaking up, common-law relationships don’t have the same rights

CBC interviews Karen Stewart about common-law relationships and the legal options in Alberta.

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Attractive Women

Infidelity can fuel the foundation for revenge in Divorce

Angry feelings of hurt and betrayal when your spouse cheated is understandable but using it to fuel revenge is only going to hurt you financially. Get revenge by moving on.

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Listening to Your Girlfriend

Giving sage advice to a friend who discovers an affair is the most loving thing you can do

Be the friend who provides sage advice when an affair is discovered and a divorce may be imminent.

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Women Looking into a Mirror

Facing a divorce, look in the Mirror and be real about what you see

Divorcing? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Learn a few options of what you can do with the feedback the mirror is giving you.

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Sad man on a bus

She’s gone move on – Dealing with your emotions in a divorce

Get 4 practical steps about how to better deal with your emotions when faced with a divorce, when she has moved on.

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Divorce Mediation moves you forward – Litigation Holds you back

Read real stories contrasting the impact of Divorce Mediation vs Litigation and the resulting ugly lost of childhood.

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Smiling Man

Getting your Finances Back on Track after divorce

Get suggestions about how to get your finances back in the fold after a divorce; including what you have, keeping yourself up to date and planning ahead.

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Man Sitting in Shopping Mall

Accepting that a Marriage is over is hard

With the ending of the summer holidays may also bring the realization that your marriage has ended. Acceptance of the ending will actually set you on the right path.

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Baby with Lemon

Your Mother was Right: Play Nice!

The deep insult so many divorcing people feel is exceedingly hard to ignore… Play nice you say? Not me! On the contrary, playing mean has a much more attractive aroma. Surely revenge will taste sweeter.

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