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3 Reasons to Invest in a Fairway Divorce Franchise

By Daryl Maksymec

3 Reasons to Invest in Fairway

A Unique Approach to Divorce

Investors are often looking for the next viable move to provide wealth development. This can be a number of forms or fashions, but franchising is become a way to get in on an established business model and grow it. There are many reasons to invest in a quality franchise, but there is no opportunity quite like a Fairway franchise.

Fairway Divorce Solutions provides a unique approach to the divorce process. By providing mediation services, Canadians everywhere are seeing divorce in a new light. It will never be pretty, but with Fairway, it doesn’t have to be the ugly war that we traditionally know divorces to be.

Here are three major reasons to invest in a Fairway Divorce franchise today.

Consumers Want Something Else

Divorcing couples don’t want escalating and expensive legal battles. Having huge arguments that simply rack up legal fees isn’t something anyone wants to go through. That is why an alternative is necessary.

Fairway Divorce offers their Independently Negotiated Resolution (INR) program. This process removes the expensive and ineffective legal battles and focuses on unbiased resolution. That means both parties can come to a reasonable solution where both walk away satisfied.

More importantly, divorcing couples are growing tired of walking away from their divorce financially and emotionally devastated. If you have wondered whether there is a better way: there is.

Opportunity is One of the Biggest Reasons to Invest

A lot of the time, opportunity and timing are the biggest reasons why an investment ends up panning out. Someone was willing to take the plunge early in a business venture, seeing it grow into the hugely profitable investment that they knew it could be.

Fairway Divorce Franchise fits that mold. Right now, fees for a Fairway franchise are more than reasonable than other opportunities. That means that savvy investors can get in on the ground floor for less than another franchising opportunity may offer.

Opportunity also means getting in at the location that you desire. Cities have different factors that drive them to be more successful than others. This comes down to overall population, average income, divorce rates, and more.

Getting a Fairway franchise in a city that needs something different in divorce negotiations is one of the major reasons to invest. Becoming a different offering in a crowded market can be the key to capturing that market.

So, one of the reasons to invest in Fairway sooner rather than later is to get in on the market that you want. Moreover, getting in on a franchise later means that those markets could be gone and could have a different financial outlook than it may have in another location.

Our Experience is One of the Best Reasons to Invest

Fairway Divorce is not like some of these other franchise opportunities. Others give you the brand name and expect it to be enough. One of the biggest reasons to invest in a Fairway franchise is that we have created a unique business model. Our model is based on experience.

Fairway is a Karen Stewart creation. Karen is a divorced mom of three. She wants to take her experience – the one that thousands of Canadians have gone through – and turn it into something better.

Using that experience, Karen created the INR system to help Canadians come to more amicable and productive divorces. She knows personally the impact that those expensive lawyers can have, and she wanted to do something better.

These are the principles a Fairway Franchise is built on. It is the backing that creates a successful franchising opportunity. Get in on the ground floor today by investing in a Fairway franchise or contact us for more information.