You Can't Cut 7 In Half

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions in Waterloo-Wellington on 24 March 2015

The thing about divorce is that for most people, it shakes them to the core. Everything they thought their life was going to be has suddenly changed. It feels as if the carpet has been pulled out from under them and, as a result, everyone feels a real loss of control - about their entire life! Your financial future has uncertainty, you might be facing a move, a change in jobs or re-entering the work force after years of being home caring for children. It’s no wonder people grasp to regain ‘control’.

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Three "Watch-outs" When Selling or Buying a House Prior to Your Divorce

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner Fairway Divorce Solutions Waterloo-Wellington on 18 March 2015

With Ontario’s divorce rates for 1st marriages at close to 40% and 2nd marriages at closer to 60%, the housing market is one of the first to experience the impact of divorce.  Most marriages involve a matrimonial home; some even have rental properties and cottages. And many times the sale of the family home is part of the financial reconciliation.

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Spring Break and Divorce in Ontario

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner Fairway Divorce Solutions Waterloo-Wellington on 11 March 2015

Spring Break is upon us and with tens of thousands of Ontario students out of school for a week (or two), there is an excited energy out there. Airports will soon be overloaded with holiday travelers seeking to escape the winter weather.

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Real Estate in Divorce - when you are not willing to sell

Posted by Linda James - Calgary Housing Expert on 8 December 2014

When you are going through a divorce and there is a family home to divide or possibly sell — this can be a very emotional decision.  

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Real Estate in Divorce - to sell or not to sell?

Posted by Linda James - Calgary Housing Expert with Remax Realty on 26 November 2014

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Divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences you could face in your lifetime.  With all the emotions revolving around children, lost love and finances, it is hard to keep emotions out of your decision-making.

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GUEST BLOG - Someone is Going To Pay!

Posted by Paul Sweatman on 29 July 2014

She left him, so he left himself. It’'s as if he became someone else.  The shock of her betrayal ran through him like a poison, infecting his body and mind. He was sure that because she was the guilty party, she would be punished, that the world would understand and join him in his crusade for righteousness. But his demands became more than just unreasonable, they were beyond the pale.  He wanted everything the house, the kids, the assets….

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GUEST BLOG - Why Couples Divorce?

Posted by David Jones on 1 July 2014

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of divorce or separation. Every couple has their own dynamics. The decision to terminate one of the most important voluntary relationships of life is not easy. Things must have worsened to the stage where living with the spouse becomes too emotionally demanding. 

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Abundance or Lack of Abundance Is a State of Mind

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO and Founder on 18 June 2014

Mediation VS Litigation 

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GUEST BLOG - Article 19 Golden Girl Finance: Coaching for love

Posted by Paul Sweatman, Winnipeg Mediator on 6 May 2014

" That *******, that total *******. I can’'t believe what he is doing. Do you know what he is doing?! I’ll TELL you what he’'s doing. He’'s sleeping with his secretary that little tart, what a TART.  He is SUCH an a*****, god, I could JUST…"

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Conscious Uncoupling

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO and Founder on 28 April 2014

I am not sure exactly what this means however, Gwenth Paltrow has used this term to capture the ending of her marriage. Recent posts on Huffington suggest that this term has been used throughout history in different contexts to suggest a mutual parting of the ways. While I do not mind the look and feel of these words, I wonder if this is not another way to camouflage the heartache of a sad, difficult ending. There is a fine line between putting forward a brave face and denial.  If conscious uncoupling is the result of a number of years of mutual support concluding that parting ways is in their soul evolution’'s best interest then great. If, on the other hand, it is just a way of putting off deep introspection and avoiding the hard work of making a marriage great regardless of the obstacles of life — then I say that conscious uncoupling is another term for giving up.

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