Flowers? Candy? How about something to really make an impact this Valentine’s Day

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner of the Kitchener Franchise on 9 February 2016

Looking for the special gift to give to that special person on Valentine’s Day? How about a commitment to improve your relationship?

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How Do I Know Whom to Trust with Managing my Divorce?

Posted by on 3 November 2015

 The initial reaction for most people starting out on the path to divorce, is to hire a “really good lawyer” Obtaining a lawyer, however, is not the only option or, even needed, right out of the starting gate. There are a number of alternatives that you can research, and see what the best fit is for you, your partner and your case.

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5 Ways to Control Your Emotions During Mediation

Posted by Karen Stewart on 3 November 2015

 In most divorce cases, there will always be the “he said” and “she said” grievances to the mediator. As a result, the argument will usually continue and prolong the process that both parties likely want completed sooner than later.

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Financial Disclosures….Are they Necessary During Divorce?

Posted by Karen Stewart on 15 October 2015

For some, the path of divorce is uncharted territory. In addition to being a newbie to divorce, there is a lot of information that varies from case-to-case as well as law-to-law on a number of spectrums. Financial regulations as well as legal regulations play large roles when defining the outcome of a divorce. At Fairway, one of the most popular questions we receive from clients is regarding the financial disclosure portion of a divorce.

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The Connotation of Life After Divorce

Posted by Karen Stewart on 15 October 2015

 The phrase Life After Divorce seems to roll off the tongue. This euphonic phrase doesn’t seem accurate when considering the connotation of how divorce is defined.  There is, however, a connection between how Life After Divorce rolls off the tongue and how this phrase is defined. Life After Divorce is a phase in your life where you reconnect with your core-self; divorce demands this. You roll onto a clear road to a new life with yourself.  This may seem scary but the fork in the road gives you the opportunity to accept it or fight it. I encourage you to not only accept it, but also embrace it. When you do, there is a solace and pride that overpowers your grief.

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Understanding is the Holy Grail to Mediation

Posted by Marlo Saganski and Micheline Maes on 17 July 2015

In late June, Fairway’s CEO Karen Stewart and one of our Senior Negotiators attended the Law Society of Alberta’s Family Law Secrets Exposed Super Conference. This full day conference was loaded with information regarding new techniques to resolve complex family law problems from international leading experts.

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Unknown Finances After Divorce

Posted by Karen Stewart on 13 July 2015

Andrew Allentuck recently wrote an article titled Divorced and Anxious at 59. He begins the article, writing,  “In Alberta, a woman we’ll call Adele, 59, is adjusting to independent life after her divorce last year” and continues to give detail to her circumstances which include her career, children, property, assets, investments etc.

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Getting Things Done: The Art of a Stress-Free Divorce Blog Series Blog#3

Posted by Miss. LaMae on 9 July 2015

For this instalment of the Getting Things Done blogs, I wanted to focus on a section from Chapter 14 of the book which rings true not only in my own day to day life but also in the process of going through and moving on from a divorce.  David Allen touches briefly on goals and four points in which organizational psychologists are using to evaluate the resourceful state of workers.  Allen notes that goals, or desired outcomes, are a vital part of life.  The four points he mentions are as follows: Self-Efficacy, Optimism, Hope and Resilience. 

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Avoid being the Stepzilla in your Blended Family

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO & Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions on 17 June 2015

Most children are familiar with the Cinderella story about a girl whose evil step-mother restricts her from attending the Royal Ball; the heartless queen who casts Snow White to the forest to be murdered because she was claimed as the fairest in the land; or Mother Gothel from Tangled who maliciously suckled Rapunzel’s youth.

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