Avoid being the Stepzilla in your Blended Family

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO & Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions on 17 June 2015

Most children are familiar with the Cinderella story about a girl whose evil step-mother restricts her from attending the Royal Ball; the heartless queen who casts Snow White to the forest to be murdered because she was claimed as the fairest in the land; or Mother Gothel from Tangled who maliciously suckled Rapunzel’s youth.

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Getting Things Done: The Art of a Stress-Free Divorce Blog Series

Posted by Marlo Saganski on 17 June 2015

In order to constantly improve and move forward, the Fairway Divorce Team has been reading David Allen’s text, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  Allen’s methods for stress-free performance at work and in life have influenced our business extremely; we now follow his model in every aspect of our business. In fact, his teachings have had such a large impact on us that we have even decided to create a blog series connecting his methods to moving through a stress free divorce by being productive. Each member of our team will write a blog sharing his or her thoughts on Allen’s methods and how they are related to divorce. 

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Hey Jude

Posted by Marlo Saganski, Marketing for Fairway Divorce Solutions on 5 June 2015

Over the weekend myself and a group of friends decided to go camping outside of Invermere in British Columbia. We have been going there as a big group for the past two years now because the spot can hold that many tents and the area is secluded enough for all of our dogs to be dogs off leash. It is the perfect playground for them to enjoy; the dogs were chasing each other up and down the hill that sat beside our site, they followed the men into the bush and helped drag back wood for the fire, and they sniffed every tree that we passed on our hikes.  At night we attached glow sticks to our two dogs in order to see them in the dark. The glowsticks helped us a lot to know where they were, otherwise they would blend into the sheet of darkness.

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Divorce Means One of us is Moving Out

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner of the Kitchener Franchise on 25 May 2015

Five ways to help your children with this critical transition

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Welcome to the 21st Century of Divorce

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO & Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions on 20 May 2015

Welcome to the 21st century; where you can find love online and then serve them with divorce papers in the same manner. 

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Once the Mother of your Kids - Always the Mother of your kids

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO & Founder of Fairway Divorce on 10 May 2015

I work with many couples that support each other’s parenting style and strive very hard to ensure that their divorce does not negatively impact their ability to co-parent. These people will go out of their way to ensure that both Mother’s and Father’s Day is a sacred day for thanking each other and ensuring the children in turn do the same. For these couples it is pretty easy and also a non negotiable.

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Should Children be Involved During Divorce?

Posted by on 10 May 2015

At Fairway Divorce Solutions, we are constantly encouraged to obtain more education that helps us advance as the leading experts in our field.  I recently attended the Child-Centred Continuum Seminar and believe that a lot of the topics mentioned in the seminar should be shared publicly.  One of the questions that was brought to our attention was:  

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Happy Mother’s Day: Honouring my Ex?

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner of Fairway Divorce Kitchener on 10 May 2015

30% of Ontario children will experience their parent’s divorce before the age of 18.  That means that 1/3 of our children will be living in different houses, usually sharing time between Mom’s house and Dad’s house. Whether you have a shared or equal division of time with your children, holidays can present an interesting challenge when dealing with separation and divorce.

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Think You Are Done Your Taxes? Find out what you could be missing if you have recently divorced

Posted by Karen Stewart, CEO & Founder of Fairway Divorce Solutions on 1 May 2015

Choosing to divorce is a difficult decision. The next step following the decision to divorce has a few paths that you can follow; you can go directly to a lawyer, mediation, do it yourself or to Fairway Divorce Solutions to work with the financial experts of divorce.

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You Can't Cut 7 In Half

Posted by Colette Fortin, Owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions in Waterloo-Wellington on 24 March 2015

The thing about divorce is that for most people, it shakes them to the core. Everything they thought their life was going to be has suddenly changed. It feels as if the carpet has been pulled out from under them and, as a result, everyone feels a real loss of control - about their entire life! Your financial future has uncertainty, you might be facing a move, a change in jobs or re-entering the work force after years of being home caring for children. It’s no wonder people grasp to regain ‘control’.

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