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Fairway Divorce – Vancouver

Fairway Divorce Vancouver is part of the largest national divorce mediation company.

At Fairway Divorce in Vancouver we focus on a fair and peaceful divorce resolution regardless of whether you are presently very conflicted or amicable.  Our step-by-step strategic hands on model – does just that.  Fairway is Vancouver’s first choice for discrete and timely divorce resolution, catering specifically to your affluent community.

Fairway Vancouver is one of the only offices in Canada that provides direct access to Karen Stewart, CEO and Founder of Fairway Divorce.   Karen is one of the country’s preeminent financial divorce mediators and is a sought after "Divorce Guru".  All clients of the Vancouver office will work directly with Karen herself and her professional mediation team to help you transition smoothly to new beginnings.  Fairway offers a comprehensive approach to getting a divorce settlement, and offers to quarter back with other professionals such as divorce and family lawyers that may be needed when necessary, to ensure that your outcome and decisions stand the test of time both legally and practically.

Karen Stewart and her team have a passion for helping people to avoid the common pitfalls of the traditional adversarial system.   By staying client focused, Karen and her team will assist you in achieving your optimum outcome.

We welcome you to the Vancouver Fairway Team.

“It is important when choosing how and who you are going to use to help resolve your issues that you remember that there are only two things in divorce – money and kids. You need to maximize and protect your assets/income and for those with children, you need a comprehensive parenting plan that builds and nurtures their self esteem.  In order to ensure that these two things are preserved and protected, your best to be in control and empowered throughout the process. While you may feel like proving you are right and he/she is wrong – there is no long-term win in that strategy. Stay focused and relentless about doing what is in your best interest over the long-term and you (and your children) will ultimately win.”

A note from Karen Stewart

Our strategic alliances include but are not limited to: CA’s, CPA’s, Divorce Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Child Parenting Access Experts, Co-Parenting Counselors, Business Valuators and Human Behavior Specialists.

Our Vancouver location serves all Vancouver Lower Mainland and is conveniently located downtown Vancouver at: 1066 West Hastings Street, Suite 2000.  Fairway Divorce Vancouver also offers distance mediation for those couples needing a convenient solution.

If you would like to work with a Divorce Mediator to find your resolution please request your free introductory consultation with Karen Stewart today.