Who We Are

We are a results-driven boutique divorce resolution company committed to changing the way our clients move through divorce. We believe that there is a better way and we are it. There are two things in divorce - money and kids - and we have Mediators / Negotiators who are experts in both. We are committed to our cornerstones: Reduce Time, Reduce Cost, Reduce Stress and Protect Kids; so that you may lay the foundation for new beginnings.

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What We Do

Our proprietary Independently Negotiated Resolution™ process is designed to take you from Start to Finish. Our team of financial experts utilizes a combination of mediation and negotiation skills along with quarterbacking the other professionals to ensure everyone stays on target and on course. Our value added flat fee structure ensures that we are results driven and all on the same side of the table. Your financial and parenting decisions will stand the test of time as we ensure that you are an empowered and informed decision maker.

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How to Find Us

We are proud to be able to serve clients across Canada, both in our offices and virtually. The offices are run by the highest qualified mediators / negotiators and their specialized teams. Our specialized boutique atmosphere and service is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident whether you are amicable or conflicted. Choose the location nearest you and contact us for a confidential conversation.

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“My friends told me to hire the best lawyer money could buy. I did, and in the end it cost me five years of my life and over $100,000 in my fees alone. My children suffered in the process and we ended up dividing way less than we should have. I wish I had known there is a better way. Now I do, and I point all my friends in your direction.”

- JC

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How to Get Started

We offer prospective clients (both parties must attend) a 1-hour free consultation with a senior associate/mediator. We will discuss your specific situation, needs and issues to determine if our service is right for you and if you are right for us. You will leave with an understanding of our process, time lines and pricing so that you can start moving towards your resolution right away. 

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