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Mediation Benefits

There are two paths you can choose when faced with divorce:





Flat fee or $200–$500/hour for divorce mediation time (shared between parties)

Average total: $8,000–$20,000

Average rate for attorneys in divorce litigation is $300–$600/hr each

Average total: $20,000+ per person


Average time: 3–8 months

Average time: 2–5 years

Role of the Law

Legal information provided by divorce mediator, but no legal advice given.

Legal information and legal advice given by counsel.

Impact on Children

Children's interests are central to decision making.

Children often stuck in the middle of the dispute between spouses.

Emotional Cost to Parties

Allow for healthy airing of diverse views and emotions.

More comfortable, cooperative.

Increases anxiety and stress.

Little opportunity to address concerns.

Impact on Communication

Promotes improved communication.

Sets stage for joint decision-making.

Encourages personal empowerment.

Divorce litigation discourages communication.

Sets stage for disagreements and possible court appearances.

Decision Making

Clients make their own decisions.

Third parties (judges and attorneys) make decisions.


Discussions and financial information are confidential.

Usually no court appearances.

Hearings are open to the public.

Financial information is part of the public record.

Several court appearances.