Fairway Divorce - Saskatoon

Fairway Divorce Solutions Saskatoon is part of the largest national divorce mediation company. We work with couples, families and individuals who are facing a divorce. Our focus is on money and kids.

Our team in Saskatoon Saskatchewan is passionate about changing the way divorce happens. The Fairway Divorce Saskatoon team works with couples to transition them through to new beginnings. Our "Fairway U" accredited mediators use the strategic Independently Negotiated Resolution process to achieve a win-win outcome in all areas of divorce. While traditional divorce lawyers, mediation and collaborative law have brought us this far, Fairway Divorce Solutions® is changing the way divorce happens and is raising the bar in divorce mediation and conflict resolution.

There is a better way to get a divorce and Fairway Divorce Saskatoon is that way!

If you live in Saskatchewan and going through a divorce, we would like to help you find your resolution. Request your free introductory consultation or call us directly at 1-306-664-(FAIR) 3247. Fairway Divorce also offers distance mediation across Saskatchewan for your convenience.

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"The Clear Road to a New Life" is waiting for you at Fairway Divorce Saskatoon.